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Abortion and Women’s Rights

I stand strongly for the right of women to make decisions about their own body.  I will always support a women’s right to choose what’s best for her, her partner and her family.  I have been endorsed by Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan.

Climate Change/Our Environment

I believe that humans are affecting the planet in ways that are alarming.  America needs to revive our leadership of global efforts to invest in sustainable energy options.  Our region is well-positioned to lead the way in this effort; after all, we put the world on wheels and became the Arsenal of Democracy when our country needed us.  I believe that the men and women of Michigan will once again step up to this immense challenge if we increase our investment and commitment.  


As an educator, I understand the value of a strong public schools system, as well as affordable post-secondary options. Specifically, I will fight for:

  • Increased support for apprenticeships, vocational and technical schools and community colleges
  • Community-based, neighborhood preschools
  • Loan forgiveness for post-college public service

Equality and Voting Rights

America is a democratic republic – but only if we are all equal and can hold our leaders accountable at the ballot box.  I will be at the forefront of ensuring that everyone’s rights are protected and that every American is free to work, love, marry and worship in any way that they choose. I have been endorsed by LGBT Detroit Mobilization and has been named a 100% pro-equality candidate by Equality Michigan!

Gun Control

The right to bear arms is a right that is enshrined in our constitution and I know that it is important to many Michiganders.  But, like all rights, it is subject to adaptation and reflection as circumstances change. I believe in enforcing our current gun laws, passing new sensible gun safety laws, passing red flag laws, banning military-style assault weapons, and mandating universal background checks with no loopholes.  I have been named a Gun Sense Candidate by Moms Demand Action!

Health Care

I will fight to protect your right to quality, affordable healthcare.  Having worked hand-in-hand with numerous health care and social service agencies over the past, I have seen firsthand the challenges that families face.  I will fight for:

  • Increased funding and focus on mental health support
  • Protections for pre-existing conditions
  • A public option for individuals and families who choose it 

Jobs and the Economy

I am a small business owner who has dealt firsthand with the need to pay my team a fair wage, increase sales and navigate sometimes confusing government regulations. There are thousands of small and medium size businesses in our region, to say nothing of the global firms that call metro Detroit home.  My policy priorities in this area are:

  • Holding corporate leaders accountable for treating their workers fairly and paying them appropriately
  • Providing help to families that are suffering from a job loss or interruption
  • Training workers to take on the fulfilling jobs of the future


Every senior citizen has the right to live in dignity.  In order to make that happen, I will always protect and defend programs that increase seniors' ability to live comfortably as they age.   

Union Rights

My mother was in a union for nearly two decades and it made a huge difference for our family.  I will support the rights of workers to organize and work as an equal partner with their company’s leaders.  I have been endorsed by AFSCME Local 25!


My grandfather was a WWII airman and an inspiration to our family for his 96 years.  I will always vote to support Michigan's veterans. 


Interested in an issue that you don't see listed?  Please contact the campaign at and let us know!

CTE Michelle Wooddell
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